The Castle

The castle is a house of exception, remains historical entirely renovated on approximately 23 ha, located at 20 minutes of the airport of Clermont Ferrand/Aulnat and at 30 minutes of the RaceCourse of Vichy.

The access to the site is done by departmental and communal ways. Behind a large electric portal a main aisle bits of gravel with lighting of the edge. the edge is impeccably maintained and landscaped.

The park of the castle contains rare trees and listed by the department of the Forests National Office.

The whole property is served by gravel or turfed accessible paths in all weathers.

History of the Castle
This property was bought in 1990 by a Sir appreciating the peace of mind of Auvergne and enthusiast of horses. The castle built near 1870 was then in very poor condition but watertight and outbuildings in ruin. For the leisure and the approval, this property was thought to receive and practise the riding under all its forms.
All the built are well-made, only the castle was restored with the chapel, all other ships were demolished and done up like new.  A quite particular attention was concerned the choice of materials and high status of the installations.

Specialized companies and experts dismounted and went up all the interior of the castle. Still to date the property employs 2 full-time workers for maintenance.

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