The interior

Ground floor
kitchen and scullery are separated by a central staircase of the rooms of reception. Hallway, lounge with man cinema, lounge with woodwork and leathers, dining room and office give to this castle all its luxury and its property to be cosy. 4 fireplaces are distributed on this level.

First floor
It is dedicated to the overnight stays, it consists of six rooms having almost all their bathroom with toilets. A central dressing room serves on one side five rooms, on the other side giving onto the tower is the room of master splendidly ordered with its own dressing room and its bathroom.

Cellars on two levels with at the lowest zones of arrangement and a very big cellar air-conditioned for the amateurs of good wine. On the intermediate landing a corridor serves a laundry and a space fitness with Jacuzzi, sauna, cloakrooms and showers.

Attic fitted out
realized for the game and the relaxation, the wood is there omnipresent. Visible skeleton, bar, place billiard table and fireplace opened in the center of the room.